Special Thanks to Utah Filmmakers™

We invite all motion picture productions operating in the state of Utah—regardless of origin, budget, or mode of distribution—to show appreciation for their locally-hired cast and crew with a “Special Thanks” credit accompanied by the Utah Filmmakers™ Community Logo.

Utah Filmmakers™
Utah Filmmakers™

All productions are encouraged to take advantage of the Utah Film Commission's* resources, including the state's Motion Picture Incentive and Community Film Incentive Programsplease note that approval for the film incentive is not required to include the “Special Thanks” credit or to use the Utah Filmmakers™ Community LogoThis acknowledgment is requested of any production that utilizes the time and talent of Utah-based filmmakers.

Productions can also include their Special Thanks credit to Utah Filmmakers on the IMDb.


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*The Utah Film Commission is a Utah Filmmakers™ Associate Organization and UFABenefactor but is not affiliated with nor have they been asked to approve or otherwise endorse the “Special Thanks to Utah Filmmakers™ initiative.